Ventilation Systems  



The ability to contain services such as water and gas pipes, together with electrical conduits and cables, within a suitable structure which enables easy maintenance for cleaning, is a considerable benefit in a modern kitchen.

Any type of hood can be provided with a service spline to either run down the centre of the hood and equipment or along a rear wall.

Fire extinguishing protection systems installed within a hood to service cooking equipment and extract duct apertures, can have controls, cylinders and valve assembles housed in a vertical service duct at one end of the hood.

The spline and service ducts are generally manufactured with a stainless steel tubular frame clad with stainless steel panels to match the hood and cooking equipment.


All gas, water and electrical supplies are within the structure. Adequate access is allowed for the installation of the services and for the future modification and maintenance.

Splines can be designed for a tight seal to floor or clear through underneath for cleaning and maintenance.

Ledaire service splines can be supplied at high or low level with gas, water and electric controls on the underside or sides.

This enables equipment to be set closer to each other and at the same time leaves the floor clear for cleaning.

All gas, water and the electric wiring etc. are isolated within the spline.

Main services can be from floor level or ceiling void above.

Top and sides of splines can be removed for easy access/maintenance.