Ventilation Systems  



Ledaire extract hoods have been developed to meet today’s requirements in all types of kitchens, from fast food outlets to hotel complexes, from old peoples’ homes to large schools, from exclusive restaurants to large public-sector kitchens.

The versatility of the range of Ledaire extract canopies has enabled the production of hoods to suit all types of kitchens. Ledaire hoods are manufactured under the strictest quality control based on our quality assurance programme.

The range of Ledaire extract canopies extends from the simple condense hood to the custombuilt complex supply/extract type, complete with lights and fire suppression systems.


Ventilation Hoods

One of the most versatile of extraction/supply hoods at competitive prices. A highly efficient ventilating system. Ledaire extraction hoods not only combine the extraction of grease-laden air, steam and fumes but supply air at the correct positions to provide a comfortable, productive environment. lndividually adjustable air supply nozzles can be incorporated to provide cooling to hot working areas.

Induction Hoods

Energy-saving systems can be enhanced by incorporating Ledaire induced air hoods. These hoods are designed to reduce the amount of heated air produced in a kitchen being wasted by conventional exhaust hoods. An air induced hood uses only approximately 20% of the total volume of air exhausted from the kitchen, the remainder being fresh air supplied from outside. The fresh air is discharged into the hood at high velocity, creating a low pressure area over the cooking vapours and fumes, it is then exhausted through the hood via the filters. Greater efficiency of grease filtration is gained by the cooling effect of the induced air, this in turn reduces the fire risk.
Supply plenums are insulated to prevent the fresh air causing condensation to form on the hood panels. The supply grilles are each
fitted with adjustable dampers to enable the control of extraction, according to the density of fumes in any set area. There is an optional feature for the control of induced air to provide summer ventilation. Control is manual but details are available upon request for mechanical controls.