Ventilation Systems  


Grease Filters

Ledaire grease filter units are manufactured from the highest quality materials to match the hood. The cells are basically of three types.

Stainless steel cells with stainless mesh and stainless pads are efficient and very long lasting if kept clean and on a good maintenance
programme. A good value grease filter cell.

Stainless steel baffle cell - very efficient where there is a high rate of extraction. Life indefinite with good maintenance. In these circumstances very cost-effective.

Continuous grease filter housing incorporating the extract plenum leads to efficient grease particle separation. Grease draining from the
filters collects into suitable grease pots which are easily removed and cleaned.


Standard sizes are kept in stock, special sizes can be made to order. Stainless steel baffle cells, stainless steel cells with throwaway replacement pads.


Fluorescent lights - ‘Ledaire luxlite’ have been designed for use in kitchen environments.

Cases are made from aluminium or T304 stainless steel.

Bezels and frames are made from specially extruded aluminium sections designed for hinged or ‘lift-out’ application, powder-coated grey.

Diffusers in Lexan diffused polycarbonate.

Where light fittings are subjected to extremely high temperatures it is wise to keep the ‘gear’ separate, i.e. well away from the heat - if possible in the supply air stream, in which case lights can be supplied with single, twin or triple tubes.

Quantities designed to suit the size of hood and the required LUX at working top level below canopy. Normally 500 lux is sufficient as a guide for working top level in most kitchens.

There is also a need in kitchens and laboratories for profiles cut, folded and welded in stainless steel to form wall panelling, screens etc. Specially made to size sections, formed in stainless steel up to 3 metres long in 14g - 20g. Ideal for infill pieces between stainless steel units. Suitable for covers over pipes etc.

Column casings can be produced in stainless steel, having a powder-coat paint brush finish to match the kitchen decor.


Made from T304 Stainless Steel forming a wipe down surface.Wall panelling suitable for kitchens and laboratories. Heavy-gauge corner protection angles in stainless steel. Door kicking plates, finger plates, trolley barriers, skirting or architraves.

Refurbishment work carried out on metal tables. shelves, counters etc.

Stainless steel worktops

Kitchens can be enhanced with a special stainless steel worktop in one or several pieces, including sink and hob cut outs, etc. Worktops formed from heavy gauge stainless steel with specialist sinks. if required, fully welded in.
These can be manufactured to suit any shape kitchen, i.e. purpose made.
Upstands at rear for keeping tops easily wipeable and at the same time forming a tile ledge.